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Hello everyone.
My name is Norihiko Azuma and I’m President and CEO of Seiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Thank you for visiting our website.

Adhering to our corporate philosophy of "Let's share smiles together with people we cherish", we strive every day to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with all of our stakeholders.

To instill complete trust in our customers, Seiwa offers more than just commissioned product manufacturing for large-size components. Our services also include VA proposals and rapid response to customer requests.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to having the opportunity to support you.

Seiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Norihiko Azuma

Appeal Points

■ Integrated production system
• We offer integrated production, which includes cutting of materials, welding,  
and machining.
• Significant reduction of procurement costs through bulk ordering
• We do everything under one roof, which helps to reduce unnecessary movement between processes and shorten lead times..

■ Specialized equipment for large-size components
• We have a total of 7 large 5-face milling machines in operation (maximum processing dimensions: 3300 (W) x 8200 (L) x 2000 (H))
• We have an in-house precision surface plate, which we process once a year to maintain its accuracy.
• We are proud to have achieved a 0% late delivery rate for every year since 2018!
• Thanks to our original production management software, we can trace each product to its present process and optimize the order of production priority.

■ Superior quality
• We have four full-time inspectors, all of whom are experts.
• We have Level 2 certified Quality Controllers on staff to ensure thorough quality control.
• We conduct inspections between each manufacturing process in order to prevent delivery delays due to defects.
• All of our welders have acquired JIS-certified welding skills.

Company Overview

Company name Seiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Established August 1983
Description of business Large-size components for industrial machinery, welding, and machining (SS, SUS, AL, etc.)
Design, manufacturing, and sales of granular material processing machines/mixers/dust collectors
President Norihiko Azuma
Address 267 Ichida-shintamaki, Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gun, Kyoto, 613-0022 Japan


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