Nippo Co., Ltd.


Since our founding in 1970, we have worked for more than 50 years to develop skills and pass on technology for precision sheet metal and plate working.
At present, we receive end-to-end orders for precision sheet metal and plate working from design to assembly, and we have built a system that can deliver products to customers in one stop, including partial cooperation, in order to meet various requirements such as labor saving and short delivery time.

Since our founding, we have prioritized contributing to the growth and development of our customers’ businesses. We have always been sensitive to accurately detect the changing times and the direction of our clients, and ask ourselves what it means to be a company that is chosen by our customers, a company that is wanted by our customers, and what attitude we should adopt to achieve this goal. With this philosophy in mind, we have promoted management and production innovations to meet the needs of our customers.

For “QCD,” we always seek to maintain and further improve an unbeatable level that is higher than anywhere else, and every employee will work together to meet the demands of our customers even more in the future, so that we can contribute even more to society.

Nippo Co., Ltd.
President: Masami Shiraishi

Appeal Points

Manufacturing with honesty! We will not be beaten by other companies.

We are a professional precision sheet metal and plate working group for 50 years.
We manufacture products at our four plants and provide end-to-end services that can respond to customers’ requests from large items to small items.

We hope you will contact us to benefit from our technology that can meet your needs based on the passion and skill of our 100 young engineers, our sense of responsibility to complete even large orders by coming together as a company, and our high level of precision with a focus on quality! Please experience Nippo for yourself.
A company you can choose as a good partner.

Company Overview

Company name Nippo Co., Ltd.
Established October 1 1970
Description of business Precision sheet metal and plate working and various equipment manufacturing and assembly
President Masami Shiraishi
Address 3-10 Koganishide-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-8496 Japan


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