Nango Co., Ltd.


We offer machined products, jigs, and labor-saving machines in quantity, sizes, and description that are neither single-item nor mass production for customers with the utmost convenience and quality. At the same time, we have built and support a community-based network of people (artisans) who continue to support Japanese manufacturing, and have become an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry.

Based on the philosophy “We Improve!!” we strive for “permanent trust.”
We practice “deepening” and “evolution” tirelessly, and we repay our customers with our daily gratitude and “renew” ourselves.
Our goal is to contribute to society through the embodiment of our own “truth.”

Nango Co., Ltd.
President: Tadashi Nango

Appeal Points

In addition to vertical machining, we also meet demands for technical capabilities and speed, especially for horizontal milling (MC, NC, boring). We have a full range of equipment such as lathes/MCs enabling us to offer an end-to-end manufacturing system.

■ Quick response with short turnaround times
We respond to customers’ consultations and requests quickly.
■ VE proposals
In the development of products and prototypes, we identify the functions of the parts and make proposals for optimizing the processing method, reducing costs, and improving quality.
■ End-to-end manufacturing system
We can provide jigs and devices that are indispensable for improving the efficiency of manufacturing, covering everything from conception to design, manufacturing, and assembly.

In addition, we can meet a wide range of requests via our cooperative network.

Company Overview

Company name Nango Co., Ltd.
Established 1973
Description of business We offer one-piece general metal precision machining and manufacture a variety of jigs and labor-saving machines that are indispensable for improving the efficiency of manufacturing.
We respond to our customers’ needs with machining, design and manufacturing, and customer-oriented support, proposals, and consulting skills.
President Tadashi Nango
Address 80-36 Shirakawa Kawanoboridani, Uji-shi, Kyoto, 611-0022 Japan


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