Mitsuwa Co., Ltd.


My name is Harada and I’m the CEO of Mitsuwa Co., Ltd.
Our company is located in in Ide-cho, Kyoto, and specializes in integrated production, from can manufacturing and sheet metal processing to equipment assembly, and our main strength lies the ability to offer one-stop services, for example can manufacturing + machining.

We strive to make superior products under the motto of "We never say no and just make it anyway," which has been our management philosophy since our founding.
In addition, faithful to the spirit of our founding, all our employees come together to improve our technology and take on new challenges every day.

Our company celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2022. Going forward, we will continue to manufacture products in a way that can be passed on to future generations and that can preserve its brilliance, without ever forgetting our founding spirit.
Thank you very much for your support.

Mitsuwa Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Yasuyuki Harada

Appeal Points

We can assist customers in manufacturing equipment through our integrated production of can manufacturing, sheet metal processing, machining and equipment assembly.
Within the field of parts processing, we are especially strong in welding + machining.

We offer one-stop processing services, eliminating the need to go back and forth between processes like pre-welding machining, welding and finishing.
We are able to manufacture anything as long as its size is such that it can be transported by land.

Company Overview

Company name Mitsuwa Co., Ltd.
Established January 8, 1988
Description of business Can and sheet metal manufacturing, machining, design and production of different industrial equipment
President Yasuyuki Harada, President and CEO
Address 7-2 Kawakubo, Ide, Ide-cho, Tsuduki-gun, Kyoto


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