Kamimura Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.


Our company was founded by my grandfather in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto in 1958 as a subcontracted processing company for sheet metal parts. Subsequently, my father and uncle continued the business, and in 1987, we reorganized and founded Kamimura Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.
At that time, we believed that if we made good quality products, we would receive work through word of mouth. However, we set two pillars to guide our business because we felt a sense of crisis that the company would not be stable if it relied only on subcontracting orders.

(1) The fact that customers face problems, including manufacturer’s development departments,
(2) We will do the jobs that our competitors hate,

We decided to do these two things proactively.

These guidelines were later adopted as the “Sheet Metal Worker ‘Otasuke-man’ (Superman) (trademark registered)” and are still the guidelines for all employees.
Gradually, our customers got to know us, and we received more opportunities to solve problems and manufacture products together.

The customers’ needs range from “products” to “services,” and we are also responsible for providing on-site training in sheet metal for young designers and technical support at our customers’ production sites.
As a result, we receive more and more difficult and confusing job requests.
This expectation from our customers is the key to our growth.

In order to respond to these needs, it is essential for us to develop our technology.
In addition to further deepening the technology of precision sheet metal processing, we use our proprietary technology of precision molded sheet metal to enhance our technical ability and realize our customers’ ideas.

In addition, in order to put ourselves in the other party’s position, we focus on knowing more about our customers and their products and services.

And it is our “people” who support this work. It is only when you feel connected to society and your role through work that you can take pride and responsibility in your work.We aim to be a company where our employees feel that way.

Kamimura Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.
President: Kei Kamimura

Appeal Points

(1) Increase in production bases
We built the Kumiyama Plant as part of our medium- to long-term management plan for the company. The first phase of construction was completed in August 2020 and we are now planning the second and third phases of construction in accordance with the market and customers’ expectations.

(2) Precision molded sheet metal processing
We can produce molded products similar to pressed products even without a press mold. Our technology can help you avoid the risk of huge investments in the early stages of prototyping and development, when the product is not yet clearly defined. Please feel free to contact us even just for consultation.

(3) Proposal sales
We are involved in design development from the prototype stage, and we make proposals to maintain the design and product functions required by the customer, so that the product can be produced stably.
In addition, we actively take on the challenge of jobs with difficult processing that have been rejected by other companies as the “Supermen” of sheet metal processing.

Company Overview

Company name Kamimura Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.
Established November 1958
Description of business Precision sheet metal processing, precision molded sheet metal processing, industrial equipment parts processing and equipment related equipment design
President Kei Kamimura
Address 1-23, Nishinohata, Okubo-cho, Uji-shi, Kyoto 611-0033 Japan
Website https://www.kamimurass.com


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