FUTA-Q, Ltd.


“4M + S = 29” means . .
We believe that man, material, machine and method comprise the core of manufacturing. The combination of these four elements and advanced skills results in establishment of the expertise of Futaku, which means 29 in Japanese. The formula 4M + S = 29 represents this Futaku philosophy.

Since its foundation, Futaku has remained committed to technological innovation, believing that the safety of users, partners, and employees is the basis of manufacturing, while responding flexibly to diversifying market needs.

Today, placing emphasis on social responsibility along with the safety of users, partners and employees, the company is committed to manufacturing extremely small precision products, while reestablishing the corporate organization to make it more environmentally friendly, pouring efforts into people, skills, and facilities.

Futaku not only embodies the ideas of developers in various fields, such as medical instruments, analyzers and semiconductor chips. It intends to grow into an idea resources company, providing developers with new design ideas, based on the expertise it has developed. Futaku intends to solve a wide variety of challenges with state-of-the-art processing technology.

FUTA-Q, Ltd.
President and CEO
Naoaki Futaku

Appeal Points

FUTA-Q, Ltd. specializes in precision machining and metal processing, as well as in making proposals that go the extra mile in addressing the concerns of our customers, and in putting them into practice.

Our customers hail from sectors as different as the medical field, analysis, semiconductors, industrial equipment and more. The reason our products are recommended by a wide range of industries, in addition to our track record in manufacturing small-diameter pipes thinner than a grain of rice and in drilling holes with a minimum diameter of 0.03 mm, is our ability to ensure "FUTA-Q level quality" in all processes with the help of the latest machinery and high-precision measuring instruments.

Besides our Head Office, our Kyoto Plant/R&D Center and our Yagi Plant, we also have sales offices in Tokyo and Germany and we are actively working on improving the skills of the people who use our machinery and on creating a pleasant in-house working environment under the skillful guidance of our top management.

Company Overview

Company name FUTA-Q, Ltd.
Established March 1, 1917
Description of business ◯ Development, design, manufacturing and sale of non-destructive inspection equipment for precision parts, micro-components and small-diameter pipes for medical and analytical equipment, as well as a wide variety of nozzles and small-diameter pipes.

◯ Assembly of products and units consisting of micro-components and more.
President Naoaki Futaku
Address 33-3 Karahasi-keiden-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-8454
Website https://futaku.co.jp/


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