Ecott Co., Ltd.


Our company was established in 1951 by my grandfather as a wholesale dealer of copper-based products in Osaka. The post-war period saw a growth in demand for copper-based products towards high economic growth, and our job was to deliver raw materials to metal processing shops in a timely fashion and in the quantity required. A few years later, when our main supplier introduced an aluminum extrusion press and began producing aluminum profiles, as a result of looking for new buyers, we began storing and processing aluminum extrusions at our current plant in Kumiyama-cho and have been doing it ever since.

When Kazuya Tanabe, current president of the company, took office as president, a new company name and logo were introduced based on the three-dimensional XYZ axes. This was meant to reflect the fact that, rather than being just a wholesaler of non-ferrous metal material, we would indicate criteria for people to judge by and directions in which to think in line with social changes, believing it necessary to define future needs in terms of economic efficiency, environmental awareness and time.

X axis = Economical efficiency: supplying materials to customers at a low cost
Y-axis = Environmental awareness: selling highly recyclable materials centered on aluminum
Z-axis = Future potential: transforming with the flow of time

We came up with the English terms "Economy" "Ecology" "Time & Tide" to define these three axes and created the acronym "ECOTT" by combining their initials.

Going forward, we are determined to keep contributing to society in a way that lives up to our name by aligning the three axes of employees, users, and suppliers in the same direction.

Ecott Co., Ltd.
Goichi Tanabe

Appeal Points

A non-ferrous metal wholesaler operates as a factory specializing in the processing of aluminum profiles.
When it comes to aluminum profiles, trading companies and wholesalers usually act as intermediaries between extrusion manufacturers and users. The strength of our company lies in that, by integrating all the above aspects, we are able to handle user's original profiles from the design stage all the way to the processed product and the finished product.

We also have 8 large and small machining centers that specialize in processing aluminum profiles, which allows us to respond flexibly to different requests.
Since we do not process extrusions for a specific manufacturer, we are able to handle materials from any extrusion manufacturer. We can also process the materials supplied by customers.

In 2022, we introduced a 5-axis double-column machining center as our new processing machine and we work hard every day to establish new methods of processing complex shaped profiles and friction stir welding.

Company Overview

Company name Ecott Co., Ltd.
Established 1951
Description of business Production and general processing of non-ferrous metal materials like copper and brass, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and more; Non-ferrous metal products like aluminum extrusion profiles and machine-pressed products; Production and sales of office panels and industrial equipment parts, sales of materials for thermal spraying
President Goichi Tanabe
Address Tomiya Bldg., 2-20-16, Fukaeminami, Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 537-0002 Japan
• Production headquarters (Kyoto Plant)
64 Shinarami, Tai, Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gun, Kyoto, 613-0036 Japan
• Production headquarters (Yodo Aluminum Center)
70 Yodosaime-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 613-0915 Japan


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