Kyoto町工場 Virtual Tour

Discover the charm of Kyoto’s traditional crafts and various wonderful “Local Factories” that have supported domestic and international industries on a virtual tour today!


KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21 launched the business matching site “Kyoto Business Navigation” and the virtual exhibition platform “Virtual Park Kyoto (VPK)” in 2020 in order to support the development of sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises in Kyoto Prefecture in this age of living with coronavirus. These services are beneficial business matching tools for small and medium-sized enterprises in the prefecture who find it hard to implement online sales activities and publicity on the web, and for ordering companies who have been unable to secure new suppliers due to travel restrictions.

The Kyoto Local Factories Virtual Tour is designed to show conditions inside the factories and offices of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies located in Kyoto Prefecture with the help of 3D visuals, images and videos. Its purpose is to further develop sales channels for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Kyoto Prefecture by showcasing their technology and their attractiveness.

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