Shiono Cast Co., Ltd.


The wooden mold in the factory is the property of our business partner, so it is blurred out.


We have been in the foundry business in Yosano-cho since 1830.

The products we manufacture have changed over the years, from pots and cauldrons to industrial machines that require precision such as pump parts.
We have shifted from relying on craftsmen’s experience and intuition, and manufacturing processes based on demanding manual labor, to modern systems such as mechanization and IT, and we are now changing to an environment where people can work without experience or physical strength.

But no matter how different the times may be, I believe that the purpose of work is to make everyone happy.
Is happiness about getting a stable salary and living a stable life? Is it to climb higher than everyone else? I believe that these answers are not wrong.

We’ve been thinking about “happiness” for one year.
The answer that I thought about and discussed with my employees is “the happiness of growth.”
This means growth as a person, not just in terms of job skills.

In order to realize our vision of “being happy in our growth for the next 100 years,” every employee will continue to take on the challenge of new things while valuing our relationships with people.
And I am confident that the happiness we find in growth will lead to the delivery of products and services that meet our customers’ needs.

Shiono Cast Co., Ltd.
President: Hiroshi Shiono

Appeal Points

Shiono Cast is engaged in the foundry business of pouring melted iron into molds made of sand to make metal products called castings.

We use a production system that relies on manual work for many processes and receive orders for a large variety of small batch casting products that are difficult to handle in automated casting plants set up for mass production.

We strive to achieve the highest production efficiency and the lowest defect rate on a daily basis, and our employees and the company are growing together.

The pride of Shiono Cast is the employee cafeteria lunch; the most delicious in the Japanese manufacturing industry.
We have two staff members who specialize in cooking and we make a handmade daily lunch that uses more than 20 ingredients every day and provide it to all employees at a low price.

Company Overview

Company name Shiono Cast Co., Ltd.
Established 1971
Description of business Specialized high-mix/small lot iron casting.
President Hiroshi Shiono
Address 1917-1 Kanaya, Yosano-cho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto 629-2421 Japan


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