Kyowaseiko Co., Ltd.


Our company started as Yamashita Seisakusho in 1969, led by my father, together with his colleagues at that time and my mother, buying used machinery by selling off our home and two long houses.

Three years later, we relocated the plant to Shouryuji, Nagaokakyou-shi, and the company’s name was changed to Kyowaseiko Co., Ltd. to expand the business.
In 2004, my father, who was my predecessor, passed away and I assumed the president.After assuming office, we completed the current office building in 2012 with the intention of making a further leap.

True to our company name, which means to “Cooperate in Harmony,” we are a total manufacturing solutions company that meets diverse manufacturing needs from metalworking to the assembly of machinery and equipment.
We have listened to our customers’ requests and offer a wide range of services to handle everything from high-mix, low-volume production to composite machining centered on metals and assembly of equipment.
We strive to develop our technology on a daily basis in order to meet these diverse needs.

In addition, with the corporate philosophy of “cooperate in harmony to achieve a better life for employees and all people involved through manufacturing,” we continue to manufacture products for all people involved in Kyowaseiko, from customers to employees and their families.

I believe that dreams are not just something to dream about, but something to make come true.
In order to realize a better company and life, you must make efforts, and if you continue to make efforts, you will definitely be rewarded one day... We strive to be a company rooted in such a culture.

All of our employees are working hard to support you, and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Kyowaseiko Co., Ltd.
President: Tetsuya Yamashita

Appeal Points

As a manufacturing solutions company, we have listened to our customers’ requests and offer a wide range of services, from single-piece machining to composite machining and assembly of equipment.
We are characterized by our ability to manage the complete process from quote to product manufacturing.

From general-purpose to MC, we use CAD/CAM to perform complex shape machining based on technology we have cultivated over many years.

Lathe machining
We specialize in single-piece processing and small-volume production of small to medium-sized items.

Wire cutting
We can offer ultra-high-precision machining with our linear motor-driven machines.

Welding and others
We also offer large and small plate working, and brackets and partitions manufacturing.

Company Overview

Company name Kyowaseiko Co., Ltd.
Established July 2, 1976
Description of business Manufacture and assembly of precision mechanical components.
Iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics and other plastics in general.
Various rubber, wood, glass, etc.
President Tetsuya Yamashita
Address 8-8 Koganishide-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-8496 Japan


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