Atec Kyoto Co., Ltd.


Our founder said, “We will help solve our customers problems.” We have continued this corporate style, and have reached our 28th year. And it has been 13 years since I myself assumed the president.

Thinking back on the production of parts for industrial machines, which is a very important role that requires precision, but remains in the background, it has given me the opportunity to feel the importance of experiencing, learning, enjoying, sharing, and communicating the wonders of manufacturing.

So now, when all employees are making creative efforts to bring more added value and satisfaction to our customers, when we deliver this satisfaction, it makes me think that our employees and business partners have been able to create a company that all employees will be happy with, and as evidence of this, we were selected as one of “Companies Driving Regional Growth in 2020.

What is expected of us by society changes at a moment’s notice.
I want to continue to accurately capture these changes, think and act on what we can do and what our role is, and first of all, strive to be a company that can reach the milestone of its 50th year. I want to continue to make strides without fail, and inspire our business partners and employees to make a big leap forward.

And I would like to make our company a leading company in the region where the children and grandchildren of our business partners and employees would like to work and grow together with.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the plastic cutting process. All of our employees are looking forward to supporting you.

Atec Kyoto Co., Ltd.
President: Toshiyuki Kusaki

Appeal Points

We are a plastic product manufacturer that is always creative and takes care over finishing in order to deliver high-accuracy and high-quality products.

We have brought Atec parts to the world based on the processing technology and characteristics knowledge of plastics that require advanced technology, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, various filling equipment, formulation equipment, and other labor-saving machines.

With the technology of skilled engineers and the functionality of the latest equipment, we have developed unprecedented treatment processes to deliver high-accuracy and high-quality products. We are also taking on the challenge of cost reduction to beat global competition and our services are highly appreciated by many customers.

Our “technical ability, creativity, and spirit of challenge” are our key assets.
We meet the needs of our customers from single items and small to medium batches.

Company Overview

Company name Atec Kyoto Co., Ltd.
Established 1993
Description of business Precision machining and assembly of plastic parts (bonding and welding)
President Toshiyuki Kusaki
Address 52-2 Juhachi, Makishima-cho, Uji-shi, Kyoto 611-0041 Japan


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